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He hails from an unimaginable era: the 31st century. Fleeing through the timestream from the pursuing team of futuristic defenders known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Korvac the Machine Man has established a secret presence on present-day Earth in the self-created persona of the mysterious Michael. Through such an unassuming guise, Korvac contemplates the elements of a universe he thirsts to command. Yet despite the subtlety of Michael’s machinations, the world’s greatest super-team – the mighty Avengers – catches wind of his cosmos-conquering scheme, thus drawing the two titanic forces into inevitable conflict. Collects Avengers (1963) #167-168, #170-177, extra story pages from 1991 Korvac Saga TPB.

$ 130.000

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Título: Avengers: The Korvac Saga (Marvel Premiere …

Editorial: Marvel

Año de publicación: 2010

Encuadernación: Hardcover

Ilustrador: Perez, George; Buscema, Sal; Wenzel, David; Morgan, Tom

Condición del libro: New


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